Therapy for women

New choices are illuminated by understanding and compassion.

Therapy for Women   

Many current difficulties make sense given what has happened to us in our past. Psychotherapy can help to illuminate negative emotional patterns developed as a result of experiences from our childhood or teenage years. It can help relieve the symptoms left over from previous traumatic experiences.

Feeling and Thinking

Because women in our culture are typically taught how to navigate emotions and become the emotional managers of the family, women often tend to define themselves by the quality of their relationships.

It is therefore not surprising that women often have a preference for the "feeling" perspective rather than the "thinking" position. But this can set some women up to take things personally even when no harm was actually intended. As you probably have experienced, both the "thinking" and "feeling" perspectives are useful. Your ability to use your "thinking" function can be explored and enhanced through therapy.

Depression, Stress, Relationships

It is not uncommon for women to put others' needs above their own and as a result find themselves depressed and resentful. Some do too much and end up with too little time and energy for pleasurable pursuits. When this is taken to extreme it can be considered codependence. I can help support you to give your needs a healthy priority.

Women sometimes need help balancing relational and career pursuits and feel stressed by the multiple demands of career and home life. For many women who become mothers, the decision about whether to return to work immediately is surprisingly confusing. Therapy can help to reduce stress and provide support.

I can also help you understand what's going on with the men in your life and help you develop better interactional patterns with them. The difference in the ways women and men approach problems and emotions can create destructive patterns when conflicts arise. For example, sometimes when a woman is distressed about something a man has done, her reaction may be completely overwhelming to the man. Therapy can help to illuminate and change these destructive patterns.

In order to cope with life's challenges, some women may turn to alcohol, drugs, over-shopping, over-eating, and over-sleeping. I can help to resolve the underlying issues to assist in recovering from these self-defeating patterns.

Of course, this page is a generalization and not all women see things the same way. Therapy is tailored to your specific goals.